1. Saturdays Race (21/09/2013)… : Sep 26th, 2013

      The N ring was perfect!
      For the test on Friday we had rain all day.  It was Brian’s first time in the car and on track & he did well.
      Then Brian ran the 3th section and improved his time great amount. To 2:24s Track was still a bit wet.
      All the RSR came between 2:18 and 2: 24 – Still in 2:24 time is very good for Brian.
      Race: Brian took it out and in first lap an engine blow in front of him, right in his wind shield –oil all over, lucky did not slip to gravel –  so he had to get back in pits to clean window- just in lap1- at that time the race was for us more less done. Brian  run 30 min great time 2:21s. Best time of any RSR was 2:17s.
      N_Ring_1 N_Ring