1. A message from Brenda and Brian Johnson : Feb 21st, 2016

      One of our dearest friends and a soul brother to my husband passed on yesterday..
      Brendan Healy brought so much joy ,laughter and music to our lives and his passing has left a huge void. It’s so very sad that his brilliant wit,his comic genius and generous heart are gone….You realize how fleeting time is when you lose someone so close to you..But..we had so much more to share…..I have so many years of memories of Brian and Brendan beneath the stairs in our home composing music on the piano together into the wee hours of the morning….He brought magic to our lives with his engaging energy and humor.  The two boys played off each other with stories of life that would bring you to tears with laughter.
      I was so lucky to have seen him last week in his home with Steph……Brian was on tour in America and couldn’t get away…It was a special hour of sharing life when you realize the time is running out. We will miss you dear friend and brother…but fear not because your  “Soul brother”…my Brian ,will continue to tell your stories and sing your songs forever
      And you will live in our hearts till we meet again. RIP Brendan Healy
      Brenda And Brian JohnsonBrenda and Brendon